Fundamentals of Biological Dentistry

Fundamentals of Biological Dentistry is a one day workshop that creates a vision on how modern dental practices deal with mercury amalgam toxicity issues as safe practice. Learn how to protect yourself, your staff and your patients.
This includes a ‘how to’ presentation on setting up and operating a biological dental practice including all basics of Mercury 101-102 as well as the equipment needed to run a mercury-free practice. Also covered on the course will be a presentation on oral galvanism, fluoride and biological periodontal therapy.
This course is in line with IAOMT training on the SMART protocol, and is open to all dentists and staff. It is a prerequisite for IAOMT accreditation. Delegates who attend this course and join the IAOMT(UK) will be listed on the most current listing of mercury free mercury safe biological dentists on both the UK and USA IAOMT websites.
All delegates will receive 7 hours of certified CPD.
Venue : Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, 22 Portman Square, London W1H 7BG
Workshop Fee : Dentists £195 (Early bird rate £175) / Staff £165 (Early bird rate £145)
Please note: Early bird rate applies to bookings before 10th May 2017

Biophoton Realignment Mirrors

We are natural light beings with very cell in our body emitting light or biophotons, linking our physical conscious state to our subconscious state. Every time you have an experience it is reflected in your light being.  So what happens when our light is disturbed, fractured or distorted and becomes incoherent? It remains in your energy field until it can be healed or coherence can be restored.
This is the first time we are introducing Biophoton Realignment Mirrors to all healthcare practitioners in the UK, a technique being used by over 100 practitioners in Europe/USA. Developed in 2015 by the natural energy healer, Renzo Celani, Biophoton Realignment Mirrors is a unique way of healing with special mirrors using the body’s own light to realign itself into a state of coherence and optimal function.
Biophoton Realignment Mirror Technique ensures that your body receives a clean ‘update’ from its own emanating light.  The body’s light is reflected back through a filter and mirror system.   This means that cellular reactions are instantaneously being ‘re-informed’ and so, in a ‘domino-like’ effect, cellular functionality is restored and starts to function as it is meant to.
By using different materials as reflective mediums, such as pure gold, pure silver, and aluminium, it is possible to reflect the whole spectrum of light that naturally emanates from our cells, including a small range of UV and also a near-infrared spectrum. Come and join us for this unique experience!
Venue : Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, 22 Portman Square, London W1H 7BG
Workshop Fee : £195 / EARLY BIRD RATE £150 (Lunch Included)
Please note: Early bird rate only applies to bookings before 10th May 2017