The IAOMT is a trusted Academy of allied professionals providing scientific resources to support new levels of integrity and safety in health care.

We, of the IAOMT have declared ourselves Being a High-Performance Leadership Team. By virtue of this declaration, we have committed ourselves to upholding and embodying the following Ground Breaking Principles in every conversation we have, every decision we make and in every action we take:

  1. Integrity – We will act with integrity, individually and as a team, at all times and in all that we say and do. This means honoring one’s word and one’s commitments, doing as one says and as one promises. It means being whole and complete with each commitment we make and each decision that we agree upon, it means acting in an aligned and consistent fashion.
  2. Responsibility – Each one of us, individually and as a team, have recognized and declared that we as leaders and members of the IAOMT, are responsible for every act and decision rendered in the past, the present and the future of IAOMT. We have acknowledged that, as our decisions and actions affect the IAOMT, its associates and its customers; we are cause in the matter.
  3. Accountability – We have committed ourselves, individually and as a team, to the distinction of accountability and all that it implies. We freely give up the right to “not listen” in all areas for which we are accountable, and we recognize that as a result, we have the absolute last say in those areas.
  4. Trust – We have committed ourselves, individually and as a team, in relation to each other and to those to whom we give our trust, to create, build, maintain and when necessary – to restore the bond of trust, which we do not give lightly.

And who do we need to be to promote health in the next 25 years? We all need to adopt a strategic way of being as Masters of Communication.

By declaring ourselves Being a High-Performance Leadership Team, by committing ourselves to living these Ground Breaking Principles in all that we do, by applying these distinctions every day towards the fulfillment of our reality as a High Powered Professional Sales Organization, of and for integrity and safety in the environment and health care, we will live our Strategic Way of Being as Masters of Communication in our New Era.

Our Bold Promise is: By 2025, the IAOMT has set the global standard for the dental industry.


First, do thy patients no harm.

Be ever aware that the oral cavity is part of a human body, and dental disease and dental treatment may affect systemic health of the patient.

Never place personal gain before the health and welfare of the patient.

Conduct yourself in accordance with the dignity and honor of a health professional and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Always attempt to provide treatment that has valid scientific support, but keep an open mind to innovative or advanced treatment possibilities.

Be ever mindful of clinical results seen in our patients, but seek valid scientific documentation verifying the results.

Make every possible attempt to provide patients with scientific information that can be utilized for informed decisions.

Be ever aware of the possibility of potential harmful effects of materials and procedures utilized in dental therapy.

Attempt, whenever possible, to preserve human tissue and utilize therapies that are as least invasive as possible.