Membership Text Mission Page

Membership is available for dentists, dental staff and other members of the dental profession registered with the GDC along with health care practitioners who are interested in the links between dentistry and general health.

• Support through research, education and political action.
• Exposure through the IAOMT Dentist Directory with your own members page containing your practice information.
• Membership in the only organisation where physicians and dentists meet on an equal footing to forge a new concept of oral medicine and healthcare.
• Access to the IAOMT US Members Portal with your unique account login information.
• The camaraderie of belonging to a group of doctors and healthcare practitioners who truly care about healing.

The most critical benefit of membership in the IAOMT is the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the future of dentistry and the dental-medial partnership - bringing the power of the biocompatible ideal to our professional practices.