IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) is an organisation of dental practitioners and health professionals along with certain health promoting businesses looking to further the goal of safe biological dentistry and healthcare.

"A trusted academy of allied professionals, providing scientific resources to support new levels of integrity and safety in healthcare."

We are the UK chapter of the IAOMT founded in America and Canada in 1984.

We want to continue to have close ties with the founding organisation, the science of biological dental care is common to all countries, but often how to implement the practice of dental care is different for different countries. This is why we have renamed IAOMT (UK) to IAOMTUK and formulated a different structure to deliver the Academy’s message.

Our objective is to run an annual scientific conference with a pre conference workshop on The Fundamentals of Biological Dentistry. We are offering further training and support for dentists who wish to commit and run mercury free, mercury safe dental practices in the form of teaching International Accreditation Standards developed over the past 30 years. We are also offering resources to health care practitioners and patients who want to learn more about safe non toxic methods in dental health care within the current UK and European guidelines.

We are looking to educate general dental practitioners, and in the future dental students how to understand and deal with the controversial subject of mercury toxicity from dental amalgams. We use current scientific information to justify our position on these controversial subjects and invite scientific debate rather than personal opinions and non-science.
We are looking to be a resource for the general public giving them details of dentists who have done the IAOMT accreditation course, meaning that they have passed an international approval for dealing with dental amalgams and can practice mercury safe dental care. We also aim to educate conventional and alternative health practitioners as well as members of the public to help with the detox of mercury and other metals that are used in dentistry which have the potential to cause harm. Other areas we have opinions on include the effect of infections both from gum disease and root canals and the fluoride issue. All these subjects will be covered in subsequent IAOMTUK conferences.

This is an organisation of dentists and practitioners related to the dentist industry including but not limited to; dental technicians, health care practitioners and interested suppliers of dental materials, who are all looking to set their standards for compatible dentistry.

It was in September 2013 that the founders Dr John Roberts and Dr Shabir Pandor traveled to Las Vegas to meet with the current IAOMT committee to formulate how to develop the academy in the UK to meet today’s needs and standards. Changes in dental materials and techniques, changes in scientific understanding and changes in legislation to do with the practice of dentistry has meant there had to be a change in the way the Academy was run. We were aware of an increasing number of dentists who want to learn more and to practice biological dentistry where mercury free mercury safe dentistry is only apart of that practice. Dr Roberts and Dr Pandor are looking to grow this Academy to be at the forefront in the UK and Europe dealing with bio-compatibility and biological dentistry.